TORONTO – Campaign Life Coalition is going into the used clothing and merchandise business to help provide additional funding in the ongoing pro-life struggle.

In November, Campaign Life introduced Yesterday’s Treasures, located in a small booth at the Knob Hill Farms store at Dundas street and Lansdowne avenue in Toronto. The store is situated near a string of small retail operations, including a hair salon, a wine outlet, a shoe repair business, and a variety store.

CLC supporters have generously donated clothing, footwear and household merchandise such as dishes, kitchenware and small appliances in hopes of attracting bargain hunters.

According to Yesterday’s Treasures manager Jorge Teles, prices are being kept to a minimum. The standard price for clothing such as skirts, slacks and sweaters is $3 or $4, although better quality material will go at a higher price. Children’s T-shirts and some men’s wear is priced at for only $1.

Teles anticipates that the high volume of shoppers at the Knob Hill Farms store will translate into a steady customer-base for Yesterday’s Treasures. He hopes that in January, the store will be relocated to a more prominent spot in the building to attract notice from people on the street. At present, only customers already inside the Knob Hill Farms store will notice Yesterdays’ Treasures.

As with any new operation, Yesterday’s Treasures is in need of volunteers to staff the store. Present plans are to remain open six days a week. The hours of operation will depend on the number of volunteers who come forward. To date, Teles has recruited four assistants.

Volunteers can work in the store or help sort merchandise at the Campaign Life Coalition headquarters on Dundas Street East. The number of hours expected of volunteers is up to the individual. For information about volunteering at Yesterday’s Treasures, or to donate clothing or merchandise, call (416) 368-8479 and ask for Jorge Teles.