With the success of Father Colleton’s “Kryptonite” locking of the abortuary gates (see p. 1), the abortionists commissioned David Butt and Peter Foster (both of the same address) to install sheet-metal plate on the gates on Sunday April 13.

Some Campaign Life volunteers observed this and began to take photos of the work taking place.  At this, Peter Foster got highly upset, picked up a piece of metal and tossed it at Dan McCash, one of the pro-lifers.  This was witnessed by a police constable who took no action.  Mr. McCash then asked the policeman to take Peter Foster’s particulars so that he might lay a private charge.  The policeman did.

Earlier in the day, David Butt had threatened Mr. McCash saying, “I’m going to get you even if it takes seven years – sometime when you are not expecting it.”

Two policemen heard that and also refused to act.