Just when I thought political correctness had peaked, here comes word that there will be a “gay quota” at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this July. Democratic parties in at least 15 states have set numerical “goals” for the number of homosexuals that must be in their state delegations. California, for example, has set the “goal” of 22 homosexual men and 22 lesbians in their 440-member delegation. Maine Democrats want to be sure at least three of their 35 delegates are homosexuals, but being broadminded, they are willing to accept bisexuals and transgendered delegates as substitutes. No word on why transvestites are being left out!

Seriously folks, can it get any more absurd? We are in the middle of a war for the survival of Western civilization and one of our major political parties is using the bedroom habits of its members as criteria to qualify as a delegate at its presidential nominating convention.