With the recent announcement by Clonaid of the first (alleged) cloning of a child, media from all around the world have turned their attention toward an obscure cult founder, Rael.

The story goes something like this. This ex-journalist and ex-singer founded the Raelian movement in 1973 after an encounter with the Elohim, or aliens, who he claims revealed his mission to him, as well as the origin of the world. According to Rael, known as Claude Vorilhon before his mission, Earth was created by the Elohim in a laboratory 25,000 years ago. The Raelian cult is therefore completely atheist and “scientific.” Claude Vorilhon’s grandmother raised him in an atheistic environment. As a prophet, Rael is, however, a half-brother of Jesus (who was also created in a laboratory). Rael is now the last living real prophet, but a modern, materialistic and atheist prophet.

His morality, if we can call it morality, is hedonistic and in opposition to Christian morality. The only purpose of life, according to the Raelians, is pleasure that is derived from sex and money. After a “revelation” he received in 1997, Rael created a new order in his cult, a group of beautiful women totally consecrated to the service, including the sexual service, of the prophet. They are ironically called the “Order of Angels.” Since its founding, the cult of Rael has publicly taught and encouraged “sensual meditation.” It is not surprising that the Raelian cult attracts sexual addicts and perverts.

This “scientific” mythology and lack of morality have led Rael to be a proponent of cloning without restrictions. For him, cloning will give eternal life to human beings – that is, a real eternal life for Rael, in comparison to the Heaven proposed by the Catholic Church. This is why he created Clonaid in 1996 with his “bishop,” Brigitte Boissselier. We can now see the result of science in the hands of cynics and clowns.

Claude Vorilhon is a a buffoonish anti-pope. His asinine white habit is an element of this parody. Recently, he demanded that journalists call him “His Holiness Rael.” He expressed hatred for the Catholic Church last fall when his cult launched a campaign of apostasy among students in Montreal high schools. In 1993, Raelians distributed condoms near Quebec high schools.

So why is the cult so active in the province of Quebec? Claude Vorilhon founded his cult in France, but he moved his headquarters to Quebec in the 1990s after having problems with the French tax agency and being accused of sexual immorality. Essentially, he was forced to move from France. Quebec, a French-speaking province, full of cults and Raelian members, with a secularist government, was the perfect place for his group.

The Quebec government quickly recognized the Raelian movement as a religion with the same privileges as the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. In France, the Raelians are listed as a dangerous cult by the government. They do not have any fiscal advantages and, on the contrary, are under very close scrutiny. Some Raelian members were condemned a few years ago by the French justice system for pedophilia.

Rael is not interested in the morality of cloning or the existence of the clone Eve. It may be a joke, a complete hoax, but it is a victory and a great success for Rael. He has earned millions of dollars worth of free publicity, which is the ultimate reality in a mercantile and virtual world. Human beings have no value in themselves; human dignity does not mean anything. Human beings are commodities. People like Rael have no morality. They ridicule natural and Christian morality and manipulate life itself. For Rael, the real value is money that gives pleasure. This is the level of morality that Western apostates have reached.