Carrying signs reading “Canadian Bishops Support Abortion” and “Bishops Don’t Represent Us,” approximately sixty pro-life Catholics picketed the offices of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) February 21 in Ottawa.

The demonstration was organized by Catholics for the Protection of the Unborn, and ad hoc group recently formed to protest the CCCB’s qualified support for C-43, the Mulroney government’s abortion bill which has been roundly condemned by all pro-life organizations.

The group’s founders, veteran Ottawa area activists Frank and Margaret Mountain, Chris and Miriam Doylend, and Monica Tanner, said that the Canadian Catholic hierarchy has given positive support to a bill which legalize abortion on demand in Canada. They also said that the CCCB is not reflecting true Catholic teaching on abortion.

People from as far away as Toronto, Pembroke and Carleton Place attended the demonstration. Father Tony Van Hee and Joe Bissonnette, two pro-lifers who have been taking turns fasting on Parliament Hill since last fall, also participated.

No CCCB representative emerged from the three-story office building to address the demonstrators. Quoted in the Ottawa Citizen the following day, CCCB spokesperson Bonnie Brennan referred to the protestors’ signs as “lies.”  She also said that the Catholic Bishops are “totally opposed to abortion.”