The federally funded Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR)  has drawn criticism over its financial support  of a punk album that features anti-Christian artwork. Canadian punk group Living with Lions’ new album, titled “Holy S**t,” features cover art that looks like a Bible, is subtitled “The Poo Testament,” and depicts Christ as excrement. Black Box Recordings, Inc. received $13,248 from FACTOR.

“The content of this CD is offensive and the fact that it is clearly designed to offend a group of Canadians based on their faith is simply wrong,” said Heritage Minister James Moore’s spokesman, James Maunder, to the Vancouver Sun.

Toronto Sun columnist Ezra Levant wrote that “The answer is not…to scrutinize every work of art…The answer is for Moore to get out of the business altogether – and leave that to the tastes and pocketbooks of 33 million Canadians.”