On Thursday, February 20, 1986, Catholics Active for Life, a Toronto based group, sent a press release and a 16-page pamphlet opposing the legalization of the homosexual “Way of Life” to 700 TV and radio stations across Canada.  It also sent its press release (see advertisement in Interim’s March issue), in English or French to MP’s in Ottawa.

Earlier, in August, Catholic Active for Life had been one of the few groups to submit a written brief to the House of Commons Equality Committee explaining why protection of “sexual orientation” is unacceptable. This brief, produced in pamphlet form, was sent to all MP’s in Ottawa, and all Anglican and Catholic bishops in Canada.

Catholic Active for Life calls upon pro-life people to contact their MP’s and MLA’s to oppose legalization of homosexuality by so-called protection of “sexual orientation” under the Canadian or Provincial Human Rights Acts.

Like abortion, homosexuality is a feminist supported “pro-choice” issue which – when legalized – can do immense harm, according to the group.