In March, a Baptists Church in Salem, NH, denied membership to State Rep. Stephanie Micklon because she sponsored pro-abortion legislation.

Rep. Micklon said the church’s action amounted to “religious blackmail.” She stated, “I’m not pro-abortion, and now they’re saying that is a sin.”

Explaining his church’s decision, Senior Pastor Clement Sutton III of the First Baptists Church observed, “We feel that if the Scriptures confirm the sanctity of life, the legislation was immoral.

…”We) had to make a choice. Is it proper to take in someone who makes a stand on an issue that is unbiblical? We couldn’t before God and a good conscience recommend her for membership.”

Roman Catholics

Harrisburg, PA – Pro-abortion state Senate candidate Rosemary McAvoy has been suspended from the St. Catherine Laboure school board and as a lector because of her stand in favor of killing unborn children. She stated, “What bothers me most is the pressure on Catholics to conform their positions to the political positions of the church.”

Democratic candidate for state House Cliessa Nagle from Hatfield has been asked by St. Stanislaus clergy to resign a volunteer staff position due to her belief in abortion.

Roman Catholic bishops in the state of Pennsylvania are the latest group to issue a strong statement backing positions taken by many churches to ostracize members who promote or condone abortion.

The statement by the Catholic Bishops reinforced the church’s position that abortion is the killing of innocent, unborn children and those who reject this truth cannot claim to be Catholics in good standing.

Increasing numbers of churches are warning their members, especially those who publicly promote abortion through their public office, that they cannot continue to claim to be faithful to church teachings while favoring abortion. The Catholic hierarchy is trying to remind members that abortion is murder, and for public officials or other members to say they personally oppose it, yet vote for abortion is wrong.