On the heels of the scandal of its $135,000 donation to the pro-abortion World March of Women, the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace has again been caught donating large sums of money to an event controlled by abortion supporters.

The B.C. Catholic reported April 23 that the Canadian Catholic bishops’ official social justice agency set aside $140,000 of church members’ donations for the leftist anti-globalization “People’s Summit” held in Quebec City last month.

The Toronto Star reported April 14 that the “organizers” of the People’s Summit refused “to allow Monsignor Paul Couture, archbishop of Quebec, to speak at the [opening] rally.” The article, entitled, “Snub to Catholic church sparks a row,” noted that “Marcella Escribano, spokesperson for the organization, said Couture would not be welcome as a keynote speaker at the opening because of the Catholic church’s position on such issues as abortion and religious schooling.”

The People’s Summit was organized by the Hemispheric Social Alliance, which is a supporter of the pro-abortion World March of Women. It also endorses a document entitled “Alternatives for the Americas,” which calls for an end to “all forms of discrimination based on gender [and] sexual orientation.”

Some participants in the People’s Summit committed acts of violence and hooliganism during the event – acts which prominent supporters of the event refused to condemn.