“My presence, fasting, prayer and witness on Parliament Hill provides the whole pro-life movement in Canada with an identifiable focus at the location where legislation must take place.  It also provides them with what I consider to be the most radical counter-cultural sign and weapon to combat consumerism, materialism, self-indulgence, and a comfort and convenience-oriented society, a society badly in need of some such example and sign.”  Fr. Tony Van Hee

Perhaps nowhere else in Canada is the business of this world a more pressing concern than on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the seat of our Federal government.

A visitor can almost taste the power and importance which seems to emanate from the very buildings.  And if that visitor stays, he will almost certainly become intoxicated by it.

Ottawa is a city which is crawling with political ‘wannabees,’ bagmen and political junkies of every stripe – all believers in the religion of power, of the present, of pragmatism.

In the center of it all, just 50 feet from the Members’ entrance to the House of Commons used by the Prime Minister and 294 other Members of Parliament every day, sits a solitary figure.  He has no power.  He is helpless, and his concern is not to get things done now; his eyes are fixed on eternity.

Fr. Tony Van Hee is a 59-year-old Jesuit priest who, as of October 30, 1991, has fasted on water for 45 days as an offering to God to stop abortion in Canada.  In fact, Fr. Tony has been fasting in front of the Parliament Buildings during sessions of Parliament since the ill-fated Tory abortion Bill C-43 was first introduced in September of 1989.

Fr. Tony was fasting and praying on the Hill when Bill C-43 was introduced, and Fr. Tony was fasting and praying when Bill C-43 was defeated by the Senate a year later by a tie vote of 43 to 43.

He is still there, fasting and praying before God – and the men and women who make the laws of our land.  His message to Parliament is clear: human life must be protected from conception to natural death.

And his message to us is clear: prayer and fasting can change the world.

Take Action

Friday’s have been designated ‘Fast for Life Day’ across Canada.  All supporters are invited to join Fr. Tony every Friday in prayer and fasting for forgiveness and healing from abortion.  A fund has been set up to support Fr. Tony’s apostolate and it is asked that fasters donate the money they would have spent on meal(s) to further the efforts to protect our pre-born brothers and sisters.

For more information or posters to promote the “Friday Fast for Life” in your church,  Campaign Life Coalition.