The withdrawal of Copper 7 IUD from the US market (it is still on sale in Canada) has drawn the ire of Dr. Kenneth Walker whose column “The Doctor Game,” under the pen name W. Gifford-Jones, appears in a number of Canadian newspapers.  Gifford-Jones is a pro-abortionist committed to the contraceptive mentality.  The IUD is an abortion-causing instrument.

“Women’s groups who advocate suing pharmaceutical companies,” he writes, “are doing an injustice to women who find the IUD an acceptable method of contraception…”  “Risk taking,” he tells his readers, “is a fact of life.”  American critics claim that the IUD has caused at least 18 deaths and thousands of cases of pelvic infection.  Manufacturers of the IUD such as A. H. Robins Co. of Richmond, Virginia, have been sued into bankruptcy.