The Pope and key Islamic leaders. For standing up to the anti-family thrust of the Cairo United Nations Conference on Population and Development.  Along with prominent Christians such as Dr. James Dobson, this bloc was able to prevent easy passage of the UN/U.S. agenda.


Sergio Marchi. Led the Canadian delegation at the United Nations Conference on Population and Development.  Marchi supported the U.S. position which promoted easy abortion, sexual promiscuity and encouraged homosexuality.


Two corrections from the August issue:

n  Henry Morgentaler’s new abortuary is in Fredericton and not in Moncton as previously reported.  Our apologies to the good people of Moncton.

n  Winifride Prestwich’s “The evolution of population control” reads: “A number of graduates from these universities were to become world infamous.   One such graduate was Mendel.”  Miss Prestwich had intended it to read Joseph Mengele, the infamous Nazi war criminal.  For some reason, this was edited