Rose: Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian minister and reluctant television icon of The Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood who provided wholesome programming for children for 32 years. Mr. Rogers died March 2 at the age of 74

Rose: The current and former baseball players, managers and executives, for lending their support to the American Life League’s efforts to build a pro-life campus. (See story, Ballplayers step up to the plate for life,” p. 1.) Pro-lifers often find celebrities lined up to promote abortion but less often and less visibly stand for life.

Thorn: National Organization of Women for being ignominious in defeat. After the Supreme Court decided in an overwhelming 8-1 decision that RICO could not be applied to peaceful activism(see “Scheidler wins RICO case,” p. 1), NOW called Joseph Schiedler a “professional criminal” and “criminal kingpin.”