I write this article to encourage fellow pro-lifers by letting them know babies are being saved in back of 85 Harbord Street.  Also, it is written in the hope that some individuals will be moved even further in their witness to the sanctity of life by becoming sidewalk counselors.

About a year ago, I attended a sidewalk counseling workshop.  This, together with a desire to save babies and their mothers from the evils of abortion, gave me the confidence and motivation to become a sidewalk counselor.

I make myself available in the alley at the rear of the abortuary and ask the Lord’s help in counseling these women.  Specifically, I approach with my offer of help and friendship and tell them of the many social and religious agencies available to help them cope with medical, housing and money problems.  I talk about the humanity of the unborn child, and the evil of abortion, accompanying my words with photos.

There are many rewards to sidewalk counseling, but the most precious of these is the sight of a newborn.  I have recently visited two happy, healthy baby boys, in the arms of two mothers who chose life.  Mathew was born March 23, and Alex Andrew on May 23.  If I had not been present in the back alley, to offer help to these frightened mothers, these beautiful babies would not have been given life.

On another occasion, I spoke to a young couple who, although uninterested in my offer to help, were willing to hear me out.  I showed them some photos illustrating the humanity of the unborn child, and contrasted these tender shots with those depicting the gruesome realities of a suction abortion.  At this, the expectant mother made only one reply, “I can’t go through with it,” and she walked away.  I can only hope and pray that she stays resolute.

Finally, there is one last incident I would like to recount.  On one particular day, I was counseling with one other person – Christine.  She comes out to counsel with her two-year old daughter Laura.  A young man had just come out from having accompanied his girlfriend to the abortuary.  We talked to this man, and shortly after we began counseling him, he went back into the clinic, retrieved his girlfriend, and informed us that they would not go through with the abortion.

Sidewalk counseling is not without frustration.  Often mothers turn a deaf ear and hardened hearts to me.  I have been ridiculed and threatened.  But what makes it all worthwhile is seeing the innocent smiles of the babies we are able to save.  For this, I thank the Lord, and pray for an undying faith.  As Mother Theresa has said, “We are not called so much to be successfully, as to be faithful.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about counseling, can listen to the Life And Family Conference Tape on “Saving Babies Through Sidewalk Counseling.” Tapes may be purchased from the Toronto Community Broadcasting, 53 Dundas Street, East, 2nd Floor, Toronto Ontario M5B 1C6.  Cost – $4.00