The success of the sidewalk counsellors continues.  During the past month more babies have been saved.

On Monday, September 21, a young couple from out of town approached the Morgentaler abortuary.  As they were walking, they stopped and struck up a conversation with our counsellors.  It seems that the couple was struggling with financial difficulties and needed someone to talk to.  The counsellors offered encouragement and support and managed to deter the couple from going into the “clinic.”  Another baby was saved.  Our counsellors will keep in touch with the couple to assist them throughout, and beyond, the pregnancy.

Another baby was saved on October 7.  It was a very wet afternoon.  A young couple were making their way toward the abortuary entrance and stopped for a moment to talk to Tom Brown and Joanne Dieleman.  They made their way to the “Way Inn” to talk some more.  However, half an hour later the couple decided that they would go into the abortuary.  Tom stood in back lane praying that the couple would come back out.  Sure enough, within a few minutes, the couple came out of the abortuary and told the counsellors, “It looks like a morgue in there.”

These incidents show the importance of sidewalk counselling.  Babies are being saved.

We could be much more effective if we had more counsellors.  Therefore, a special plea goes out to all of you who could spend a few hours monthly, weekly , or daily, witnessing for life.