A team of students will travel Canada in May and June presenting a radical message of chastity to their peers.

The Challenge Team, which will make stops at centres across the country talking to groups of students their own age, will try to show the importance of “saved sex not safe sex.”

They plan to use personal stories, statistics, skits and music to show that sex is so important that it should be saved for marriage where it belongs between lifelong and faithful partners.

It’s a message which many people are starting to accept as the obvious failure of most sex education programmes becomes apparent.

“Chastity is a popular option that many young people today are choosing,” the team says in its promotional letter.  “Saying no to sex has brought us respect and admiration, not to mention freedom from disease, pregnancy and emotional pain.”

Last year the students spoke to 13,000 teens across the country about the negative emotional and physical consequences of the safe-sex message.

This year they will break into two groups, one fo the east and one for Western Canada.  They are in the process of fundraising and booking dates for their talks and more information is available from Doneen Brazier at 613-832-1923,