Toronto: Cardinal Carter has severed ties between St. Augustine’s Seminary and the University of Toronto.  The Cardinal was unwilling to comply with the demand from the Toronto School of Theology (TST) that St. Augustine’s abide with the rules of tenure of the University.  This rule ensures that professors are practically irremovable, no matter what they teach or how they behave.

In 1984, St. Augustine’s fired two professors and an administrator to the great annoyance of TST officials.  TST includes two Catholic faculties of theology, St. Michael’s and Regis, which are going along with the tenure rules and its implied rejection of the right to supervise what is being taught.  St. Augustine’s Seminary, said its dean of studies, Father Atilla Mikloshazy, will not abandon Catholic ecclesiastical laws (protecting orthodox teaching) to satisfy requests for academic freedom.

TST is permeated with a spirit of feminism and antipathy towards Pope John Paul II.