The Alberta Ministry of Education has gone bat-guano crazy, do escaped from their straight-jacket crazy that even American publications have noticed.

The geniuses at the Ministry of Education flunked biology class, and yet see themselves as superior to Sigmund Freud. They are fascinated by sex, certain that they know how to treat it, and yet demonstrate that they know nothing about it. The sex-education classes that the bureaucrats and the Education Minister took when they were students must have been lacking in something. Or they benefited from the pass-them-anyway philosophy that still reigns in Alberta schools.

The present manifestation of Ministry madness is its newly released guidelines for respecting diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Due to the limitations of the English language for inclusiveness, the document immediately apologies for its own lack of inclusiveness in the terms it employs to cover differing “gender identities and gender expressions.”

The apology lies in the footnote on page two, and contains this telling passage: “differ in some way from the sex they were assigned at birth.” Apparently, Ministry bureaucrats think that a baby’s gender is assigned at birth. They think the doctor delivering the child made some kind of arbitrary decision. This is not what is taught in biology class.

Babies are not assigned a gender at birth. A baby becomes a boy or a girl at the moment of conception, when the chromosomes of the father are joined with those of the mother to form a new human being. A boy possesses an XY chromosomal pair while a girl an XX pair. Our physical reality is sealed at conception.

We are fated to be boy or girl, man or woman, a husband or a wife, a mom or a dad, at the moment we are conceived. Besides possessing these invisible chromosomes, boys and girls, men and women, husbands and wives, moms and dads possess certain perceptible physical differences which distinguish one from the other. The Alberta Ministry of Education denies the significance of these physical differences.

The Alberta Ministry of Education thinks that what lies between the legs is insignificant compared to what lies between the ears. They hold that what an individual thinks in his or her mind is consequential, while physical reality is not. What one hallucinates is consequential, while actual reality may be harmful and certainly inconvenient, according to Ministry thinking. The Ministry argues for insanity.

The Ministry is forcing its insane view of reality upon the school systems of Alberta. The teachers and administrators of Alberta are now expected to play-pretend when faced with a student or staff member who identifies as ‘transsexual, gender fluid, gender diverse, agender, two-spirited, queer, or questioning.’

A boy who wants to be a girl will be allowed to use the girl’s washroom under the new guidelines. The rights of actual girls to use the “girl’s” washroom without the presence of an anatomical male with sex issues are overridden by the need to provide for an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for him with the sex issues.

Playing pretend with certain students and staff extends to the use of the pronouns by which they expect to be addressed. The English words, “he” and “she” are insufficiently inclusive, apparently, even for a he that wishes he was a she; and a student or staff may require that non-words “ze”, “zir’, or “hir” be employed in reference to him or her. There is no guidance in the guidelines as to how these non-words are to be pronounced.

Boys who want to be girls will be allowed to dress as girls. Specifically, school dress-codes and uniforms are not to imply that clothing such as skirts will be worn by one gender only. The sheer incoherence of this madness is obvious.

If a boy really thinks he is a girl, then it is pointless to tell him that it’s okay for skirts to be worn by boys also. He wears a skirt because he thinks he’s a girl. Boys don’t wear skirts, girls do, and that is why he is wearing one.

But everybody knows that a lie is being told. The boy knows he is a boy who only wants to play-pretend as a girl. The Ministry knows too but instead of honesty requires that teachers and staff play along with this charade.

Physical reality is what it is regardless of what we think. Alberta opts to hallucinate.

 Vincent J. Curtis is a free-lance writer who lives in Black Diamond., Alberta