We cannot escape the truth that AIDS is both a moral issue and a public health issue. We are now into an epidemic of venereal diseases including AIDS which is escalating at unprecedented levels and rapidity. (Times-Colonist, June 27, 1989)

The only way we can protect our young people is to instruct them that chastity before marriage and fidelity in marriage to an infection free partner is the only safe way to go. To convey the double message, `”Do it, but do it safely” is to say that this is all right.

Condoms are unreliable at the best of times, with a failure rate between 10 to 40 per cent, depending on the brand. However, it has been established that the AIDS virus passes through the condom, being a small virus. AIDS is also found in every body secretion including saliva, urine, feces, tears and cerebrospinal fluid.

Contrary to the present AIDS education literature, the virus is spread between people in other ways and deep kissing is one of them. This is, by the way, fully documented in the medical literature although expurgated from all AIDS education literature.

Homosexual activity

A condom is even less protection when used for homosexual activity because with anal intercourse and the other related practices of homosexuals which include fisting (penetration of the anal cavity with the fist), eating stool in the practice of “rimming” and in “the golden shower” (in which the person is urinated upon), the AIDS virus is ingested.

There are now ten other diseases rampant among homosexuals because of these and other practices. These include hepatitis A&B, delta hepatitis, parasitic infections, herpes, syphilis, anal gonorrhea, cytomeglovirus (CMV) and venereal warts. Also the tubercle bacillus acts synergistically with the AIDS virus to produce dangerous air-borne infection. Could it be that the resurgence of T.B. is related to this fact?

It has also been reported that because the AIDS virus passes through the spinal cord layers, the brain itself becomes infected with the AIDS virus, interfering with its function and resulting in a range of problems varying from loss of judgement to violent paranoid behaviour. Homosexual activity has become number one public health problem of our time.


To say that condoms and the passing out of clean syringes will control this disease is ludicrous. What is needed are the sound public health control measures used to control communicable disease which have always proved successful in the past. Why has the public health aspect of this killing disease been totally ignored and all the public health principles containing and controlling it been ignored?

I would also like to point out that the only AIDS cases counted are those cases in which secondary disease conditions are manifest. This is because the AIDS disease is defined as such only when the secondary disease is present and not when the AIDS virus is identified. This is analogous to having the tubercle bacillus but not being considered to have T.B. until you suffer a lung collapse. Because of this, those who are communicable with the AIDS virus and who are capable of spreading it around are not being counted even when we know who they are. These are AIDS’ “Typhoid Marys” – walking environmental time bombs.

For further reading on the public health aspect of AIDS, see The Nation’s First Politically Protected Disease by Drs. Laurence and Brian McNamee (National Medical Legal Publishers, P.O. Box 342, La Habre, CA 90633-0342); The AIDS Cover-up by Gene Antonio, available in most book stores; and an article on condoms which appeared in the Consumer’s Report, March 1989, p. 135.