It would be a very safe bet that any secular magazine one reads these days will have something about AIDS on the front or at least the second page. Five years ago nobody-apart from the expert- knew the meaning of the word. AIDS was originally confined to homosexuals. Then it was discovered that it could be “caught” through heterosexual activity. And now there is some uncertainty as to whether or not it can be spread through even casual contact. Blood transfusions and blood products certainly appear to be a serious hazard for accident victims and hemophiliacs. Even babies can be infected by their mothers before birth or perhaps through breast feeding after they are born.

Whatever the clinical details regarding the various ways in which it can be spread, there are two facts which seem to be incontrovertible about AIDS. The first is that it is incurable. The second is that the primary method of transmitting the disease is through sexual activity of some kind. While it is possible to contract AIDS through blood transfusions, from a sexual point of view, a husband and wife who were virgins before marriage and remained faithful afterwards would be the least likely victim of AIDS or any other venereal disease. The principal manner of transmitting or contracting AIDS would seem to be by homosexual or heterosexual activity. The more promiscuous a person is, the more vulnerable they will be .

Why is God Excluded

I have read many articles which appeared in secular magazines, yet I cannot remember even one suggestion that AIDS results from immoral activity or that God even comes into the picture. The general idea seems to be that AIDS must be prevented by any means-moral or immoral. Statements such as “It’s too