Confirming the warnings of pro-family groups about serious on-going efforts to legitimize adult-child sex, the American Psychiatric Association recently sponsored a symposium in which participants discussed the removal of pedophilia from the psychiatric manual of mental disorders.

Cybercast News Service reported that psychiatrists at the May 19 conference in San Francisco proposed removing several long-recognized categories of mental illness – including pedophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, transvestism, voyeurism and sadomasochism – from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

“Normalizing” pedophilia would have enormous implications, especially since civil laws closely follow the scientific community on social-moral matters, said Linda Ames Nicolosi, NARTH publications director.

“If pedophilia is deemed normal by psychiatrists, then how can it remain illegal?” Nicolosi asked. “It will be a tough fight to prove in the courts that it should still be against the law.”