Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro

Editor’s Note: On Sept. 24, Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations. This is an excerpt from that speech.

Over the past few decades, we let ourselves be seduced by ideologies that sought not the truth, but absolute power.

Ideology has settled in the domains of culture, education and communications, dominating the media, universities and schools.

Ideology has invaded our homes and tried to dismantle what is the celula materof any healthy society: the family.

It has also tried to destroy the innocence of our children in an attempt to corrupt even their most basic and elementary identity: the biological one.

“Political correctness” came to dominate the public debate, expelling rationality and replacing it with manipulation, recurring cliches and slogans.

Ideology has invaded the human soul itself to reap it apart from God and from the dignity He has bestowed upon us.

And with these methods, ideology has always left a trail of death, ignorance, and misery wherever it went.

I am a living proof of this. I was cowardly knife-stabbed by a leftist militant and only survived by a miracle. Once again I thank God for my life.

The United Nations can help us fight the materialistic and ideological environment that undermines some basic principles of human dignity. This Organization was created to promote peace between sovereign nations, as well as social progress with freedom, in accordance with the preamble of the UN Charter.

When it comes to matters related to climate, democracy, human rights, to the equality of rights and duties between men and women, and many others, all we need to do is contemplate the truth, following John 8:32:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’

All our means, both national and international, should ultimately be directed towards this goal.

We are not here to erase nationalities and overrule sovereignty in the name of an abstract “global interest”.

This is not the Global Interest Organization!

This is the United Nations Organization. And so it must remain! With humility and confidence in the liberating power of truth, let me reassure you that you will be able to count on this new Brazil that I represent.

Thank you all for the grace and glory of God!