Does the Christian Coalition have a place in Canada?

That was the question 25 Canadians were asking themselves when they met during the  Christian Coalition’s  “Road to Victory” convention.

Among those present were Stephen Jalsevac of Campaign Life Coalition, Jim Garrow of the National Parents Coalition, Alex Parachin of the Christian Broadcasting Associates of Canada and John Bloedow, editor of the Ottawa Times.

Much of the discussion revolved around whether the Christian Coalition is so very American that it would take on a much different nature in Canada. Most notably, it was discussed that successful U.S. ventures are not necessarily so in Canada.

Many of the conference speakers invoked such American icons as Constitutional Rights, the flag and the notion of liberty. The audience were called to action in the name of patriotism—a truly American phenomenon which might not play in Canada.

Another notable difference is that Conservative Christians in the U.S. have traditionally identified themselves as Republicans and the party,  which has always had a close relationship with the Christian Right, can act as a focal and rallying point. No such party allegiance exists in Canada making it more difficult to draw members together.

Finally, there is a much larger pool from which to raise funds in the U.S. than can possibly exist in Canada, but the problem is by no means insurmountable.

“There is a Christian coalition in Canada,” Alex Parachin noted in a Christian Week article. He mentioned that an informal network of Christians has existed for some time, pointing out that recently Focus on the Family, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and REAL Women have worked together, intervening in Supreme Court cases challenging traditional views on sexuality.

Others feel that a more unified front is a stronger front. Presently, discussions are taking place in B.C. as to whether the Christian Coalition has a place in Canada.

Contract with the American Family

Restoring Religious Equality

A Constitutional Amendment allowing all citizens, including students, free expression of their faith in ways that affirm their convictions without infringing upon the rights of others.

Local Control of Education

Transferral of funding from Federal government to local school boards producing a safe learning environment where students can learn basic skills reinforced by traditional values.

Promoting School Choice

Use of school vouchers, parental choice on where to send their children, increased parental involvement.

Protecting Parental Rights

Enacting parental rights legislation allowing parents more freedom from the state in bringing up their children. Defeat the U N convention on the Rights of the Child.

Family-Friendly Tax Relief

Reduce tax burden on the family, eliminate the marriage penalty and pass the Mother’s and Homemakers Rights Act to remedy the unequal treatment that homemakers receive from the IRS.

Restoring Respect for Human Life

Protect the rights of states not to fund abortions; Protect unborn by placing real limits on late-term abortions; end funding organizations that promote and perform abortions; “Begin the process of restoring respect for the sanctity of life of unborn children.”

Support of Private Charities

Enactment of legislation to private charities as a first step toward transforming the bureaucratic welfare state into a system of private and faith-based compassion.

Restricting Pornography

Protecting children from exposure to pornography on the Internet and cable television, and from sexual exploitation by child pornographers.

Privatizing the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities and Corporation for Public Broadcasting should become voluntary organizations funded privately.

Punishing Criminals, Not Victims

Convicts should be required  to work, study, pass random drug testing while in prison, and be required to pay restitution to their victims subsequent to release.