The proposed three-tiered Canadian federal legislation on pornography is based on faulty research that ignored major findings on the harmful effects of pornography, charges psycho-therapist David Scott.  The Fraser Committee report is filled with flaws, he stated at a symposium in Toronto on April 5.

The first two tiers involving children and violence would be subject to strict penalties.  But the third, incorporating pornography that does not show children or sexually-violent material, would be subject to penalties only if shown to the public without a warning or sold to people under 18.

Scott, according to the Globe (April 7), stated that “The Fraser committee took the preponderance of its information from a small number of social psychologists… It chose to ignore the effects of non-violent pornography.  It concentrated instead on protecting freedom of speech and censorship issues.”

As reported last month (Interim, April 1986, p. 16), an Interchurch Committee on Pornography based in Ontario is fighting proposed legislation based on the Fraser report.

David Scott is the author of Pornography and Its Effects on Family, Community and Culture which is available from The Interim at $5 a copy.