“Celebrate Sunday,” a project of Halifax’s fledgling Christian Media Association, is using a weekly program of contemporary Christian music and inspirational profiles to reach “the unchurched” via secular radio. It had its genesis when a small group of Halifax businessmen formed the Christian Media Association. Moving quickly, they incorporated, gained charitable status, and by May 1998 they were on the air in Halifax at FM 96.5.

From the first they have been well received, and in February 2000 they expanded to the Yarmouth/Shelburne area (CJLS). The three hours of air time includes an hour from Focus on the Family.

“We keep hearing that people with no interest in church or Christian things are finding quality answers for many of life’s family challenges,” they say. Now almost three years old, Celebrate Sunday is funded through donations by churches, individuals and companies. Working on their own and networking with other groups, they hope to use every avenue open to them, including workshops and conferences on issues of concern, to promote Christian values and the Christian family.

A newsletter expresses their mandate thus: “Whether through radio, other media, or special events, Celebrate Sunday and the Christian Media Association will partner with the Christian community in the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will work to build supportive relationships of trust so together we can advance the Kingdom of God here in the Atlantic region – the piece of the vineyard God has given us.”

As they approach their third birthday, they hope to expand the boundaries of that “piece of the vineyard” by obtaining air time on other stations in Metro Halifax, and by presenting other styles of Christian music. They are also planning to syndicate the program in other centers of Atlantic Canada. Says CMA member Eric Malloy, “We have an Atlantic Canada vision, and welcome dialogue on ways to promote and communicate Christian values through radio, print, special events and other media.”