Campaign Life Coalition is running advertisements in the Catholic Register and The Interim “calling all pro-lifers” to “consider running in the 2014 Ontario public and Catholic school board trustee elections.” The push to recruit candidates is a response to amped up sexual education in the schools and CLC is looking for knowledgeable and articulate individuals who can counter the government’s aggressive push of a new sexual ethics.

Jack Fonseca, project manager for CLC, told The Interim school board elections are an important but overlooked area of political activism for pro-life and pro-family voters. He explained, “elementary and secondary schools have become the new battleground where many souls are being led to choose between a view of the world that is pro-life or pro-death.” He highlighted specific health and physical education, sex-ed, equity, and diversity educational initiatives as promoting a “rapid sexualization of our schools” where “unbridled sexual expression is being elevated in the classroom, even at the earliest grades.”

Fonseca said pro-lifers need to be concerned about the “new sexual revolution” advanced by the education system because “the acceptance of abortion cannot be separated from the societal embrace of casual sex and a contraceptive mentality.” He predicted a growing number of promiscuous people would believe they “need” abortion to deal with the consequences of their lifestyle choices.

Fonseca also said that Christians have a moral obligation “to protect souls from evil” which does not stop “at your own family” and therefore even pro-lifers who do not have children in the school system should be deeply concerned about who sits on the school board. CLC hopes to replace all trustees pushing an anti-life agenda.

The involvement in school board elections is nothing new; CLC national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas served as a Catholic school trustee. But Fonseca admits “our recent activity has increased because the stakes are now higher.” He said that the Ontario government is aggressively pushing “a radical” and “anti-Christian” sexual agenda “at a dizzying pace” and that the pro-life community and people of faith must pushback.

Fonseca said that while some parents, trustees, and religious leaders accept assurances from educators and the government that there is no sexual agenda involved in the teaching of oral and anal sex as part of health education, “CLC isn’t sleeping.”

Campaign Life Coalition is seeking pro-life candidates who oppose the current sexual agenda pushed by the Ministry of Education and other elements of the educational establishment. “They need to be good communicators who can present themselves professionally,” explained Fonseca. He said they must be comfortable campaigning and meeting ratepayers, and to work at the school board both during meetings and behind the scenes to counter schemes that promote sexual relativism.

Aside from a willingness to uphold Judeo-Christian moral principles, the candidate’s most important attribute is a willingness to “conduct a strong promotional campaign, including aggressive door-knocking.” Fonseca said CLC is able to offer advice and provide help “to those who’ve never done this sort of thing.”

While it helps to have school-aged children, it is not mandatory.