On November 3, 1992, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinto achieved what he set out to do many years ago: become president of the United States.

As is customary in the United States, oceans of ink have been spilled analyzing every facet of the campaign and the candidates, the policies and the politics.

As pro-lifers we believe that the ongoing mass murder of the innocents in the United States – as well as in our own Canada- is the greatest blot on both our nations’ records and far and away the greatest threat to our survival as civilized societies. Every other issue, we believe, pales to the point of insignificance in comparison to the deadly, blasphemous ideology which sustains this assault on the dignity of all human beings. What then are we to expect from President Clinton?

“Bill Clinton”, read the headline of the November 6 column of the Toronto Star’s Michelle Landsberg, “must cleanse the White House from Big Lies.” Landsberg represent the atheism of the Star just as her husband, chief spiritual guide to Ontario Premier Bob Rae, represents that of the NDP. Rae and Clinton are kindered spirits; hence Landsberg had no difficulty pinpointing the heart of the Clinton agenda.

“The anti-abortion troops will not disappear overnight”, she writes, but “they’ve lost their malign grip on the levers of power. No longer will family planning and women’s health care around the world be held hostage by these narrow-minded fanatics. Future attacks on women’s rights will be met with determined resistance in the very halls and corridors of power.”

And, indeed, President Clinton is fully committed to the feminist ideology. Massive U.S. monetary injections into the International Planned Parenthood Federation are to be expected, bringing death all over the world under the anti-people “population” programs.

In an August mass-mailing fund-raising letter, the presidential candidate declared his commitment to preserving a woman’s right to “choose” abortion as “reason enough to campaign for victory with every ounce of energy we have.” Said Clinton, “You and I know that freedom of choice is a fundamental liberty. We must move against the anti-choice extremists who have blockaded family planning clinics across the country” He also complained that these same “extremists” had protested every visit he and Vice-President Al Gore had made across the country, to “show their clear intent: to stop the wheels of change and to destroy freedom of choice for women.”

“If I am elected President,” he stated, “ I will nominate justices who are demonstrated legal scholars – and who are dedicated to upholding the Constitution and its Bill of Rights – including the right to privacy.” In other words, to be pro-abortion is now the limitus test for an appointment as federal judge.

“As President, I will fight to protect every woman’s right to choose. I will make passage for the Freedom of Choice Act as one of my top priorities, and I will instruct the Department of Justice to advocate for privacy rights in the federal courts…It is time for a change, time to make clear our resolve to fight for freedom of choice – both in the courts and in Congress.”

Psalm 94 asks: “ How long, O Lord shall the wicked triumph? They bluster with arrogant speech; the evil-doers boast to each other…”

“What is our boast? Where lies our hope?

As once again we move towards the birthday of the Christ Child, the Prince of Peace, we can say with Simeon, “ My eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared for all the nations to see…” (Lk. 2:30)