‘The choice Games’ shows that every action has its consequences

By Maria Vandenberg
The Interim

The Choice Game is a new interactive computer game developed for young people, placing them in a variety of life situations. The topics of these scenarios range from dating and romance, to drugs and teen pregnancy. These might not be considered realistic or ordinary day-to-day situations by some, but on the other hand they could be questions and issues young people may one day have to face in their own lives.

The objective of this game is to foster objective and critical thinking about real-life issues. The game enables the individual to make any decision with complete freedom, which in turn will determine how the character they’ve chosen to play will continue in that particular scenario. For each choice there are consequences.

Along this journey, there are an angel and a demon as guides. The angel is representative of what is good, and what would be considered a responsible choice, which would please God. On the other hand, the demon tempts the individual to do the opposite, using vanity and pride to cloud decisions. These guides can be placed on ignore, just as anyone can choose to ignore advice given to them.

The on-line version allows the players to enter The Choice Game chat room and discuss the game and the situations it presents with other young people. It also links them to many exciting and informative websites.

The advantage of this unique game is that young people are placed into what are considered sometimes difficult and morally compromising situations. They get to realize the consequences of their choices without necessarily having to experience them firsthand. It is said that mistakes and history are good teachers, but it must also be said that there is such a thing as foresight, and prevention by education.

The game also builds up young people, by giving them confidence and security in the knowledge that they are not alone, that others share their questions, doubts and uncertainties.

The American company that released this game has had great success in the promotion and sale at all levels. The CD-ROM Choice Game has only recently been introduced into the Canadian market. It makes a wonderful gift, but is primarily an excellent educating tool.