In the past month, the Ontario Ministry of Health sent home a red and white flyer entitled “Help Wipe Out Red Measles” with every child in the province. Replete with warnings of “blindness,” “hearing problems,” “brain damage,” “death” and even suspension from school for the un-inoculated, the flyer and its accompanying multi-media blitz hope to convince the public that they have a patriotic duty to have their kids inoculated—one more time.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Record called this campaign “aggressive,” “paternalistic,” “mystifying,” “objectionable”—even “untruthful.” Untruthful—according to them—because it failed to inform parents of their right to refuse the inoculation based on conscience or religion. But is that the extent of the omission or is there more information which parents should be aware of before making their final decision?

According the Ministry of Health Statistics, measles outbreaks are occurring in highly-vaccinated populations. This is in stark contrast to what we have been told for 30 years: that a single shot will prevent the disease. Now that it’s failed, we’re told that a second shot—at great public expense ($4.5m) will be “almost 100% effective” in eradicating it.

Scientific evidence suggests that even a second shot will not stop the measles. A New England Journal of Medicine article, “Epidemic of Measles in a Highly Vaccinated Population” (Vol. 296, No 11) found that, “A second vaccination increased detectable antibody only in those originally vaccinated when less than nine months old.” Since most Ontario children receive their first inoculation at 18 months, chances are a second shot won’t give them life-long immunity either. This is supported by the conclusion of the 2nd Immunization Conference, held in Canberra, Australia in May 1991. Other scientific articles demonstrating the ineffectiveness of the measles vaccine include: “Benefit of Measles Vaccination May Be Lower Than Thought”—The Lancet (Aug. 1, 1981) and “New Measles Virus ‘Invented’ to Cover Up Vaccine Failure”—The Medical Observer (Dec. 7, 1990).

The measles vaccine is not as “safe” as the Ministry of Health would have us believe. According to a December 1995 London Times article, measles vaccination has resulted in “swollen joints, convulsions, fits, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, anaphylaxis, encephalitis and even death.” The following articles seem to concur: “Neurologic Injury as a Consequence of Childhood Immunization”—The Journal of Pediatrics (Vol 102, No. 1, pp 14-18, 1986) and “Convulsions Common after Measles Vaccination”—The Lancet (Sept. 17, 1983). Also see, “A Shot in the Dark” by Barbara Loe Fisher.

Reverse transcriptase originating from chicken cells have been discovered recently in live measles vaccine. This raises the spectre that inter-species viral infections may have been transferred from animals to humans, with as yet unknown repercussions. When this discovery broke, the World Health Organization refused to recall the vaccine, stating that it should continue “to be used to prevent the disease against which it is directed.”

Until the introduction of the vaccine in 1967, measles was regarded as an ordinary disease of childhood, with very low risk in healthy, well nourished children. Furthermore, getting the measles provides life-long immunity against the disease—immunity which mothers pass on to their breast-fed infants.

Unfortunately, this natural cycle has been broken by the vaccine, creating  new spectrum of high risk groups: infants whose mothers don’t have adequate anti-bodies because they themselves were vaccinated—and young adults, whose vaccine-induced temporary immunity had begun to wear off. Both groups are at higher risk of complications should they get the disease than if it were allowed to occur naturally in childhood. As a result, many parents are rejecting the vaccine and opting instead to expose their children to the actual disease.

A simple blood test can analyze measles immunity. Ask your doctor for a Measles IGG requisition. The test will be sent from the private lab to the Ministry of Health and results will take a couple of weeks. A homeopathic measles vaccine is also available.

An ever-increasing number of doctors and scientists are speaking out against measles vaccination. A British Research Team at the Royal Free Hospital recently found evidence that measles vaccinated children are much more vulnerable to “Chrohn’s disease and Autism” than unvaccinated children.

In his book, “The Case Against Immunizations,” Dr. Richard Moscovith states that the “permanent immunity acquired in recovering from the natural disease is indispensable to the maturation of a healthy immune system” and that natural immunity “represents a net gain for the total health of the human race.”

Scientific evidence suggests that instead of protecting against disease, vaccines actually increase susceptibility. Last year, 180 Swiss doctors issued a statement which read (in part): “The mass (measles) immunization of infants will destroy the natural resistance of children to such an extent that dangerous epidemics will result.” The books, “Legitimate Immunity Versus Medical Chaos” and “Vaccinations/Immune malfunction & The Dangers of Immunization” provide more insight into this concern.

In her book, “Vaccination—100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows That Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System,” Ph.D. research scientist, Dr. Viera Scheibner concludes that “injections of foreign proteins including those in vaccines do not immunize, rather they sensitize.”

“Instead of protecting against infectious disease, they increase the recipient’s susceptibility to infectious diseases” and “modify the immunologic response,” causing “a great variety of autoimmune disease.”

A new controversial book—“The Medical Mafia,” written by Quebec Physician—Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, goes so far as to allege that vaccines are responsible for the “AIDS epidemic, cancer and other immune system failures.”

These claims have resulted in the Quebec College of Physicians moving to revoke Lanctot’s medical license. Unfortunately, she is only the latest in a long line of anti-vaccine scientists and doctors who have been persecuted by the medical establishment as a result of their research.

The growing evidence suggesting that mass vaccination actually lowers the collective immunity of the human race and causes permanent neurological damage has led one researcher, Irene Alleger to predict, “Our species will not long survive in a n increasingly hostile environment, without an active immune system. Now will we flourish as a nation producing neurologically damaged children.”