Ever since the forces that protect and advance the cause of Abortion Inc. have enacted their self-imposed censorship of debate on abortion, those in the pro-life movement have had to be content with the occasional ravings (did I say ravings? I meant writings) of a few brave souls who, from time to time, venture in front of a computer screen and bravely defend their position on the taking of life of innocent unborn children. Such a noble cause was evident in the latest of Joyce Arthur’s writings, attempting to demonstrate before the world that there is no such thing as “pro-choice violence.”

Arthur begins her essay admitting some grain of truth surrounding violence, but of course blames it all on those who oppose abortion. She adds: “Although the lists do include alleged violent crimes against anti-choicers, many other listed ‘crimes’ are simply abortion complications! Some other examples of alleged ‘pro-abortion violence’ include cases of medical malpractice, flashing bare breasts to anti-choice demonstrators, defacing churches with graffiti, being anti-Semitic, and getting caught at an airport with sado-masochistic magazines.”

I thought then, it might be good to view some of the stories she chalks up to “simply abortion complications” and let you, the reader, decide if these stories are in any way worthy of inclusion in any study of pro-choice violence. I’m thinking, of course, of LouAnne Herron, who died on April 17, 1998. Investigative reporter Celeste McGovern described her death this way in the June 2001 Citizen magazine: “LouAnne Herron died on April 17, 1998, a day when there was no nurse in the recovery room. She died on a day when the clinic administrator insisted on waiting more than two hours before calling paramedics. She died on a day when the doctor who took her money and extinguished the tiny life inside her was too busy eating his lunch to respond to her frantic pleas for help.”

Simple abortion complications? Hmmm, let’s look at some more. Manhattan ex-ob-gyn Abu Hayat was sentenced in 1993 to up to 29 years in prison for “simple abortion complications” that resulted in the maiming and birth of a little girl … that’s right, she survived the abortion, minus an arm. The Abortion Report stated in 1991 that New York health officials said on Nov. 23 “that they were aware of misconduct charges against Dr. Abu Hayat for more than two years – including a botched abortion that led to a young woman’s death … (and a) charge of third-degree sexual abuse for reportedly fondling a patient … but took no action against him because they did not believe they could prove he posed an ‘imminent danger’ to public health.”

The reality of pro-choice violence is that most of it is not directed to your typical pro-life protester. No one ever said it was. It is usually directed to the patients of abortionists … you would have thought that someone like Arthur who brags about an association with MENSA would clue into that.

In other words, the woman who is at the centre of Abortion Inc – that is the target customer of Abortion Inc., the one whom the pro-choice movement is trying to “help” – is the target of violence, death, sexual assault and mayhem. And all the head of the B.C. pro-choice movement can muster is that these are just “simple abortion complications.”

In 1989, Raymond Showery, a Texas abortionist, was released from prison after he had served five years for delivering a live infant after an abortion attempt, drowning the child and then disposing of the body. Authorities never found the body.

And then there is abortuary owner Alicia Ruiz Hanna,who was sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing one of her patients, then stuffing the woman’s body in the trunk of her car. The only trouble was that one of the woman’s children saw mom being stuffed.

Those of you smug Canadians who feel this is an American problem would do well to check Canada’s tainted history. The pro-choice movement in Canada has been throwing the bodies of its patients around for years. In 1938, 37-year-old London, Ont. school-teacher Mary Wilkinson was thrown into the Ere River after dying from her abortion. Dr. Chas A. Cline, his son Dr. Chas A. Cline Jr., and a number of others, including two nurses, were all charged with committing an “illegal operation” and murder after a police investigation. Officials mused that rather than take her to the hospital, someone dumped her in the river to hide the crime of the illegal operation she had just underwent.

Since Canada placed little or no value on the lives of women who died from abortion, the abortionists were usually only charged with performing this silly little “illegal operation,” if they could not get them on the murder charge.

So while the pro-abortion movement chooses to see no problem with pro-choice violence, we can use the opportunity to educate the public about the fact that over 300 women have died, some brutally, at the hands of abortionists and their cheerleaders in the pro-choice movement.