Recently I obtained the results of a survey of MPs done by homosexual rights lobbyists and collected by NDP MP Svend Robinson. Robinson, parliament’s self-proclaimed homosexual, asked his lobbyists to find out whether MPs  would support an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

I also learned something about the so-called “family caucus” of the Mulroney government. Let me take the latter first.

Al Johnson

PC MP Al Johnson tells me that a spring 1992 Globe and Mail article which attacked the Conservative “family caucus” was misleading in giving the impression that the group is composed only of government MPs with very conservative views on family values.

The Globe and Mail described the caucus as a secretive group of Conservative back-benchers. However, Mr. Johnson, himself a member, says it is actually a broadly based collection of Tory MPs. It is so wide open that it even includes pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights politicians like Barbara Greene. So much for pro-life hopes!

Greene made her pro-abortion views quite clear when she sat as a PC member on the Commons Committee on Bill C-43 (which died in the Senate, Jan. 1991). She is also chairman of the Standing Committee on Health and Welfare, Social Affairs, Seniors and the Status of Women. As such she supports the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada’s proposal to establish SIRCH (Sexuality Information Resource Centre and Clearing House). This body would be publicly funded and would present information on family planning and human sexuality.

When asked what his party was prepared to do about the recent successes of homosexuals in the courts (e.g. the extension of family rights to same-sex couples), Johnson said that a broadly based grass roots movement must be established to influence MPs.

Gallup poll

In actual fact, grass roots support for a strong anti-homosexual rights position does exist in Canada. In early May, Gallup Canada conducted a poll in which Canadians were asked, “Do you favor or oppose marriages between people of the same sex?” The result: 61 per cent opposed, 24 per cent in favor. Opponents would be even more numerous if they knew that gays are demanding that they be allowed to adopt children and recruit in schools.

Graham Haig

Their idea of the family is not ours, to make the understatement of the year. I am quoting articles in the Ottawa Citizen by homosexual activist Graham Haig. Haig describes Mississauga MP Don Blenkarn’s definition of the family as “a male and female living together to raise children” as “homophobic bombast.”

Haig used the contemptuous expression “God Squad” when referring to the Conservative family caucus described above. It was Mr. Haig and another homosexual activist who used federal Court Challenges money to win the Ontario case whereby the court demanded that “sexual orientation be added to the Human Rights Act.”

In a column published in the Citizen (June 17, 1990), the same Graham Haig described as “courageous” the decision of the editorial board of a gay magazine to publish an article entitled “Men loving boys loving men.” The magazine, Body Politic, was charged in 1977 by the Toronto police for distributing obscene mail.

Pierre Beaulne

Homosexual activist Pierre Beaulne, who is attempting to further the homosexual cause by using the federal courts to legalize gay marriages in Canada, is also tolerant toward pedophiles. In July 1989 Beaulne interviewed C. Farrell of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) on Carleton University radio (CKCU) in Ottawa. The interview was conducted in a sympathetic and understanding manner, despite the fact that Mr. Farrell was attempting to show that denial of consensual sexual relationships between children and adults is a form of “oppression.”

This same Mr. Farrell was arrested in March of 1990 in New York and charged with paying four teenagers, aged 13 to 16, for sex. In reporting Mr. Farrell’s arrest, the Toronto homosexuals magazine Rites (June 1990) expressed its solidarity with this self-proclaimed pedophile and gave the address of a fund established for his legal defense.

Chrétien and McLaughlin support amendment

Now let us return to Svend Robinson’s proposed amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act calling for the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation. According to Al Johnson, equating homosexuality with pedophilia only serves to “marginalize” opposition to proposals like spousal and family rights for homosexuals. He said that such “marginalization” is exactly what homosexuals would like to see happen to politicians who oppose their agenda.

And this brings me to Mr. Robinson’s survey attached hereto. It should be noticed that the two opposition party leaders, Audrey McLaughlin and Jean Chrétien have stated that they support each amendment. The following is a list of MPs who have stated their support for Mr. Robinson’s amendment. It is interesting to note that only 80 MPs (27%) supported the amendment and of those 80, 42 MPs (53%) were members of Mr. Robinson’s own party. The following are those who supported the so-called prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation, a euphemism for gay privileges.

Audrey McLaughlin, NDP (Yukon)

British Columbia
Dave Barrett, NDP (Esquimalt-Juan de fuca)
Dawn Black, NDP (New Westminster-Burnaby)
John Brewin, NDP (New Westminster-Burnaby)
Kim Campbell, PC (Vancouver Centre)
Jim Fulton, NDP (Skeena)
Brian Gardiner, NDP (Prince George-Buckley Valley)
Lynn Hunter, NDP (Saanich-Gulf Islands)
Jim Karpoff, NDP (Surrey North)
Lyle Kristiansen, NDP (Koontenay West-Revelstoke)
Joy Langan, NDP (Mission-Coquitlam)
Lyle McWilliam, NDP (Okanagan-Shuswap)
Margaret Mitchell, NDP (Vancouver East)
Sid Parker, NDP (Kootenay East)
Nelson Riis, NDP (Kamloops)
Svend Robinson, NDP (Burnaby-Kingsway)
Bob Skelly, NDP (Comox-Alberni)
Ray Skelly, NDP (North Island-Powell River)
Dave Stupich, NDP (Nanaimo)
John Turner, Lib (Vancouver Quadra)
Ian Waddell, NDP (Port Moody-Coquitlam)
Jack Whitaker, NDP (Okanagan-Similkameen-Merritt)

Ross Harvey, NDP (Edmonton East)
David Kilgour, PC (Edmonton Southeast)
Scott Thorkelson, PC (Edmonton Strathcona)

Vic Althouse, NDP (Mackenzie)
Chris Axworthy, Lib (Saskatoon-Clark’s Crossing)
Les Benjamin, NDP (Regina-Lumsden)
Simon de Jong, NDP (Regina-Qu’Appelle)
Ron Fisher, NDP (Saskatoon-Dundern)
Ray Funk, NDP (Prince Albert-Churchill River)
Stan Hovdebo, NDP (Saskatoon-Humboldt)
Rod Laporte, NDP (Moose Jaw-Lake Centre)
Lorne Nystrom, NDP (Yorkton-Melville)
Len Taylor, NDP (The Battlefords-Meadow Lake)

Lloyd Axworthy, Lib (Winnipeg South Centre)
Bill Blakie, NDP (Winnipeg-Transcona)
John Harvard, Lib (Winnipeg St. James)
Rod Murphy, NDP (Churchill)
Rey Pagtakham, Lib (Winnipeg North)
David Walker, Lib (Winnipeg North Centre)


Iain Angus, NDP (Thunder Bay-Atikokan)
Mike Breaugh, NDP (Oshawa)
Steve Butland, NDP (Sault Ste. Marie)
Charles Caccia, Lib (Davenport)
Marlene Catterall, Lib (Ottawa West)
Sheila Copps, Lib (Hamilton East)
Jesse Flis, Lib (Parkdale-High Park)
Joe Fontana, Lib (London East)
Beryl Gaffney, Lib (Nepean)
Jean-Robert Gauthier, Lib (Ottawa-Vanier)
Mac Harb, Lib (Ottawa Centre)
Dan Heap, NDP (Trinity-Spadina)
Jim Jordan, Lib (Leeds-Grenville)
Bob Kaplan, Lib (York Centre)
Stan Keyes, Lib (Hamilton West)
Steven Langdon, NDP (Essex-Windsor)
Derek Lee, Lib (Scarborough-Rouge River)
David MacDonald, PC (Rosedale)
Diane Marleau, Lib (Sudbury)
Howard McCurdy, NDP (Windsor-St. Clair)
Peter Milliken, Lib (Kingston and the Islands)
Jim Peterson, Lib (Willowdale)
Alan Redway, PC (Don Valley East)
John Rodriguez, NDP (Nickel Belt)
Cid Samson, NDP (Timmins-Chapleau)
Neil Young, NDP (Beaches-Woodbine)

Warren Allmand, Lib (Notre-Dame-de-Grace)
David Berger, Lib (Saint-Henri-Westmount)
Gilles Duceppe, BQ (Laurier-Sainte-Marie)
Phil Edmonston, NDP (Chambly)
Sheila Finestone, Lib (Mount Royal)
Francois Gerin, BQ (Megantic-Compton-Stanstead)

New Brunswick
Jean Chrétien, Lib (Beausejour)
George Rideout, PC (Moncton)

Nova Scotia
Mary Clancy, Lib (Halifax)
Ron MacDonald, Lib (Dartmouth)
Russell MacLellan, Lib (Cape Breton-The Sydneys)

Prince Edward Island
Catherine Callbeck, Lib (Malpeque)
Lawrence MacAuley, Lib (Cardigan)

Total support by party:
NDP        42
Liberal        30
PC        6
BQ        2