08-De-Jong-sign-Steve De Jong has erected a sign on his British Columbia that reads “Every year in Canada, approx. 50 babies are aborted still living and left to die.” The sign highlights the scandal of children who survive abortions but are denied medical care and die.

He told The Interim in an email interview that the editor removed a reference about aborted babies that are left to die from his letter to the local paper and De Jong decided “if the media doesn’t want to publish the sad truth” about abortion, “then I will get it to the public another way.”

He, who immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1953 with his girlfriend, lives near Surrey. He still helps on the farm that has been passed down to the next generation of De Jong farmers; Steve and Tina had six children and 14 grandchildren.

De Jong said that he has two signs on his property and that “we have a lot of traffic” so “many people see it daily.” He twice tried to get the message on a billboard on the main highway, but was twice refused permission. As for the sign that is up, he has had compliments but no complaints.

He said “we have to continue with getting the message to the general population,” to create public pressure for politicians to enact protection for the unborn.

De Jong is active in pro-life, going to local right to life dinners, volunteering in the group’s office, and participating in LifeChain.