Radical feminist groups continue to build pressure on the PC government in Ottawa to secularize and revolutionize Canadian society and the family.


NAC, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (President Chaviva Hosek; Vice-President Louise Dulude) held a three-day lobbying effort in Ottawa in May. They came armed with resolutions from a three-day conference, including a call for freedom and acceptance of lesbians. The conference also had unanimously backed a resolution from the Communist party to oppose the American defence proposals.


Further study


With regard to the family, the Committee resolved to press the Government to include sexual orientation under both federal human rights legislation and the Charter of Rights as a prohibited ground for discrimination.


Vice-president Louise Dulude, according to the Globe and Mail (May 13) warned political parties against regressive steps such as Manitoba’s holding off on support for Henry Morgentaler’s abortuary in Winnipeg. The Conference wants opposition to homosexuality and lesbianism classified as “discrimination,” a punishable offence. One unidentified speaker argued “heterosexism” oppresses all women, who should have “the right to live independently from men if they choose.”


Recently, the House of Commons referred the question of sexual orientation to Committee for further study. Unless the public brings pressure to bear on their MPs to oppose the NAC interpretation, it may well pass into law.