A country rampant with AIDs, ravaged by over 20 different types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and morally drained by thousands of teen pregnancies which end in abortion: this is the fallout created by the American government’s 20-year, $3 billion campaign to sell contraception and “safe sex” to teenagers.

Tragic statistics

The experiment has been an unqualified disaster and many groups throughout Canada and the U.S. would like to do something to rectify the situation. One such group is Focus on the Family which, by providing statistics on the growth of STDs to epidemic proportions, hopes to convince legislators to promote chastity over contraception. The figures the group presents are tragic yet convincing.

•    1 million cases of AIDS in the U.S.
•    STDs infect 3 million teenagers annually
•    63 % of all STD cases occur among people less than 25 years of age
•    1.3 million cases of gonorrhea occur annually
•    estimates that 16.4% of U.S. population is infected with some type of STD

The group points out that the “safe sex” gurus who created this situation still hold sway when the government decides their social policy.

They have produced terrible results and now it is time to turn towards another solution. That, Focus on the Family says, is chastity. It is the only effective means of stopping the epidemic.

Flimsy armor

According to the group, the condom has so many flaws the group wonders why anyone would trust this or her life to such flimsy armor. Besides slipping and breaking, studies reveal that the tiniest pore in a condom usually measures about 5 microns in width. The HIV measures about .1 microns. Condoms claim to reduce the risk, but do not eliminate it entirely. Where is the security? The disease is 100% fatal and the only 100% reliable protection is chastity.

Focus on the Family admits that their message will not be an easy one to sell. However, they feel that if government looked at all the options, it would choose theirs. Also, they feel that if they had a quarter of the money which the “safe sex” promoters received, their project would be accomplished more easily. As the group says, “Now, more than ever, virtue is a necessity. It’s time to speak up for an old-fashioned value called chastity.”