In the September 1989 issue, The Interim reported on a program originating from the radio station at Ottawa’s Carleton University. It featured the views of a pederastic group, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

A spokesman for the U.S. group stated that the rights of children are being abused when they are not allowed to express their “sexuality” and “explore relationships between generations” (i.e., have sexual relations with adults). The Interim also reported that a complaint to the CRTC regarding the content of the broadcast had been dismissed.

New tribunal

According to a report published in the Ottawa Citizen (March 1990), Carleton will establish before September a special tribunal and “code of behavior” to deal with students who are deemed to be guilty of what University President Robin Farquhar broadly described as “homophobia.” The new code will also include prohibitions on “sexist” and “racist” attitudes and any students who are found guilty of violating them will be reprimanded, suspended or expelled.

The establishing of a tribunal at Carleton is one of several recent decisions that threaten freedom of thought on campus.

In early February, homosexual activist Pierre Beaulne – co-host of the radio program for gays and lesbians referred to above – was elected to the Carleton University Students Association (CUSA). Although he ran as a candidate for the “Pro-Democracy Party,” Beaulne has welcomed the tribunal and the new code. He has also vowed to hold a referendum on abortion at the university in the coming year. If he and his supporters win, pro-life materials and presentations could be banned at Carleton.


The likelihood of Carleton and several other Canadian universities becoming mini-states where radical feminists and homosexual activists cannot be criticized is not far-fetched. The warning signals are up.

In early March 1990, Donna Bush, a feminist who supports homosexual rights, but oddly enough is also firmly opposed to abortion, attempted to distribute pro-life literature from a table she had set up on campus. The reaction wasn’t long in coming. Mr. Beaulne harassed Ms. Bush for over an hour. One of her pro-life posters was confiscated and removed by Sean Copeland, Vice President of Community Activities for the Carleton University Students Association.

Later Ms. Bush had to appear before the Association and explain why she should be allowed to display her materials. To their credit, the students voted to allow the distribution of pro-life materials in the future. This concession to freedom of speech might be short-lived once the newly elected CUSA members, including Pierre Beaulne, take charge in September.

Men are evil

Besides the President of the university and the student’s organizations, members of the faculty have also jumped onto the new “anti-discrimination” bandwagon.

In mid-February, five professors stood before a capacity crowd in the university’s Baker Lounge and promised to deal with sexists and sexism on campus. One of the faculty speakers, Prof. Marvin Glass, declared that “males who are not part of the solution are part of the problem.”

The problem he was specifically referring to was the murder of fourteen women students at l’Universite de Montreal in December 1989 by deranged killer, Marc Lepine. This tragic crime has been used by radical feminists and their supporters to justify inflammatory and malicious statements directed against men in general, and against anyone who objects to the feminist agenda. Prof. Glass is a member of the university’s philosophy department. He is a vocal atheist and has run for the Communist Party of Canada in at least one federal election. Two years ago, the Globe and Mail printed an op-ed column of his calling for prospective parents to be put through strict psychological examinations before being permitted by the state to have children.

Hiring policy

According to The Charlatan, the university newspaper, the philosophy department itself is under attack from feminists because there are more males than females on staff. A group of women students recently demanded a “feminist caucus.” They said the department and the study of “traditional philosophers” is male-biased.

Computers and sexism

The Charlatan also reported that even the Personal Computer, word-processing package, “WordPerfect” – widely used across North America – is under attack at Carleton. The software’s built-in thesaurus contains such synonyms for women as “dames,” and for mothers, “nurses,” “nurturers,” and “caregivers.” Such words associated with women and motherhood some feminists deemed to be sexist in nature.

Feminist courses

Early this spring, a Women’s Studies course taught by feminist professor Heather Menzies showed the class the National Film Board’s anti-life propaganda film “Abortion: Stories From North and South.” When a student complained and asked that a pro-life film also be shown, the request for an airing of an opposing viewpoint was refused.

Prof. Menzies appears regularly on the university’s cable TV channel, which reaches many thousands of people in the Ottawa area. On occasion she has attacked the pro-life movement. During her lecture broadcasts she just assumes that women who are taking her course share her disrespect for unborn human life.


Prof. Menzies is not alone in broadcasting a very political brand of feminism through Carleton’s TV facility. During one particular brand of feminism through Carleton’s TV facility. During one particular broadcast, Prof. M. Downing, who is also connected like Menzies to the university’s Institute of Women’s Studies, recommended Mary Daly as a good writer for women to read if they wished to understand Catholicism. Ms. Daly is an apostate theologian who detests the Church and openly preaches a bizarre brand of lesbian witchcraft.