The homosexual “marriage” issue has fortunately awakened many sleeping Christians. Many, however, do not realize that homosexuals are pawns being used for political purposes in a culture war. The international socialist movement is using homosexuals as an excuse to further a socialist, anti-religious agenda. What better way to muzzle Christians than to pass “hate” legislation limiting churches’ freedom of speech? What better way to limit the effectiveness of hundreds of Christian-based charitable organizations?

Metrosexual polygamists (including the no-fault divorce “serial polygamists”) are using homosexuals as an excuse to further the agenda of promiscuity, adultery, wife-swapping and polygamy.

The sex industry is using homosexuals to lower the barriers against pornography.

Pedophilia activists are using homosexuals to further their agenda of child pornography and younger “consensual” sex.

Secular conservatives (should we call them anti-social conservatives or Red Tories?) are using homosexuals to promote their limited version of conservatism (one that excludes Christians). The illustration of this is the close relationship between the Ontario PC leadership (Michael Harris and John Tory) and homosexual activists.

Liberals have used homosexuals to further their agenda and counterfeit homosexual “rights” to bypass the will of the people in Ontario and in Canada.

Radical feminists and child re-assignment ‘youth service” activists are using homosexuals as an excuse for taking children from large families and reassigning them to other “couples.”

Activist judges are using homosexuals to identify and promote secularist lawyers to higher courts. See the close relationship of Roy McMurtry in Ontario to his homosexual friends.

Teachers’ unions are using homosexuals to further their cause against organized religion in the education system.

The news media are using homosexuals to create a shift toward their godless view of society, by exaggerating abuses committed by heterosexuals and ignoring abuses by homosexuals.

The entertainment industry is using homosexuals to push the limits of tolerance and acceptability of explicit sex by promoting the homosexual lifestyle in any possible way.

Some churchgoers are using homosexuals to promote issues of “compassion” over the fundamental questions of faith, life and family.

AIDS activists and UN condom-promoting agencies are using homosexuals by keeping them ignorant about the dangers of condoms, especially in male-to-male intercourse.

Finally, extreme homosexual activists are using rank-and-file homosexuals to further their radical cause, even if many of the rank and file do not agree with the activists’ agenda.

A devastating culture war is intensifying around us as homosexual issues serve as a panacea for “progressive” groups.

We must unmask the use and normalization of homosexuality as a means for cultural change. The fabric of society is under attack. It will take time and effort to reverse the trend, away from moral degradation to moral restoration.

The first step needed to reverse the trend is to protect the foundations of our culture: life(the life and dignity of every human being, including the unborn), freedom (including freedom of speech and freedom of religion) and the traditional family.

I believe that 2007 will be a decisive year for Ontario, with both a provincial election and a referendum (on electoral reform) scheduled for October. This year can be the start of a journey towards political sanity.

I am looking forward to traveling with you in this journey towards a better Ontario.

Giuseppe Gori is leader of the Family Coalition Party. This article is reprinted from the Dec. 13 edition of the FCP’s electronic newsletter, Straight Thoughts.