Thanks for publishing Raymond Parker’s letter in your January edition, in which he describes his search for a political party which represents his values. Christians all across Canada are crossing denominational barriers, cultural, economic, and even the obstacle of pride to join together as a united moral witness. The biggest hindrance to the work of promoting Biblical principles by a single federal party seems to be the hesitation of Christians to look into the Christian Heritage Party. But the Christian Heritage Party is only one of God’s answers to the political dilemmas in Canada.

The book A Matter of the Heart by Rudy and Marny Pohl addresses the individual and corporate responsibilities of Christians. The authors also talk about God’s obligation to care for those who are serving Him. Certainly the best answers come from God, but this usually means an investment of time and patiently listening for God’s answer. However, the precursor to hearing from God has to be a right relationship with Him. John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice”, is just as operative today as any time in the history of the church.

Thousands of Christians across Canada are hearing God call them to work together in the Christian Heritage Party under the banner of serving the public. This contrasts with present governments which rule and promote their agendas to stay in power. It could be that God has a plan for Christians and He is inviting participants. Those who judge from outside might well miss the party.

I live in hope of God’s intervention rather than to fall prey to voting outside of God’s will for principles opposing Biblical values. There are folks who think that God arrives in a church and tells some to vote for candidate A, some to vote for candidate B and others to vote for candidate C. But God is only pleased with those who vote under His direction. (This may mean, in the absence of good choices, spoiling your ballot.)

One of the worst trends in the history of Canadian politics has been the rush to buy into enslaving ourselves to ideals which are not Christian. The only ‘wasted vote’ is the one which you cast for something in which you do not believe.