A visiting celestial wanderer might easily conclude that we earthlings think happiness is utterly dependent on constant sexual stimulation and condomized activity from the time we cut our teeth. Very few of the activities that preoccupy us today are without sexual overtones. (Except maybe war.) So if that is the standard by which we measure happiness, our world should be happy, indeed. However, as my husband used to point out, if frequency of sexual activity is the key to happiness, then prostitutes should be the happiest people on earth. Instead, they have a very high rate of suicide.

Our environment is sex-drenched, leaving us so “happy” (or already so jaded) that we turn to pornography for stimulation. We’re so “happy” (or already so jaded) that we purchase sex toys. Both are very big industries.

The CBC recently reported that North American sex toy companies are using their profits to provide contraceptives to poorer countries. How generous of them, to spread the happiness around.

The words “gay” and “happy” used to be synonyms. Not any more, though. Which reminds me of the “out games” recently held in Montreal. Regardless of how they were billed, they had to be all about sex. Otherwise, they would have simply been games in which the “outers” competed with everyone else, as a matter of equal treatment.

So much emphasis on sexual activity, appropriate and inappropriate, is bound to have some undesirable fallout. Quite a lot of fallout, actually, if we can recognize it.

The appalling abortion rate and our “scientific” reproductive tinkering are obvious examples. These bring happiness? Apparently so, for some researchers.

At Dalhousie University’s Brain Repair Centre in Halifax, one research project involves trying to extend the life of embryo tissue for use in brain transplants. The researcher says it is so fragile that there’s a 90 per cent loss, so that it takes six embryos to make one transplant. Her goal is to eventually need only one embryo per transplant. She is working with lab rats. So far.

As reported in Campaign Life Coalition’s August newsletter, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research will be using “leftover” embryonic humans (biological waste, they call it) for their research. If the supply of aborted embryos dwindles, they can easily make more in the lab through the generous contributions of eggs from this one and sperm from that one. Happiness abounds!

Once, speaking to a legislative committee about reproductive technologies focused on mixing human genes with animal and plant genes, I blurted, “How can you men care so little about what is being done with your genetic material?” They were startled. Briefly.

Perhaps that’s a key. A speaker on yet another CBC program spoke about the modern trend to crowd more and more information and activity into the same amount of time. He says we are geared to sound bytes instead of arguments and debates and can no longer read long books or even long sentences. We’re on the verge of collective Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), he says. Short attention span. Too short, perhaps, to grasp the seriousness of our situation.

That’s why we need graphic presentations like those used by Show the Truth on this summer’s Maritime tour. They have an effect.

In the Halifax Daily News, columnist David Rodenhiser, who is not pro life, wrote: “Many people have complained about the ‘disgusting’ photos they use. Indeed, the images are disturbing, but it’s a disturbing topic. Let’s not mince words: a living fetus dies in an abortion.”

In writing about embryonic stem cell research in the National Post, pro-abortion columnist Michael Kinsley accidentally hit upon the truth himself. “If embryos are human beings with full human rights, fertility clinics are death camps – with a side order of cold-blooded eugenics,” he wrote.

Often, we do not welcome the truth. Yet eventually, it does make itself known. Show the Truth helps to speed the process.

That visiting celestial wanderer might well suggest that if we can learn to put sexual activity back in its proper setting, perhaps we can get back to true love and generate enough genuine happiness to make the counterfeits (and maybe even war) passé.