I pen these words sitting in a hospital room, with my daughter Natalie lying just a few feet away from me. The preceding week has been one full of mixed emotions. Happiness and joy for the celebrations connected with Jesus’ birthday, and then the dawn of the real millennium, and concern over the health of our precious daughter. This was to be our “wedding mode” time, as our eldest daughter prepares to marry in just three short weeks. Our time has been spent conversing with various specialists over the health of our daughter, and even now the news looks promising, and once again Natalie has beaten the odds and survived. Her illness this time was not associated with her condition known as Vater syndrome. I’ve written about her before, and our experiences with the eugenicists working out of the University of British Columbia, stalking the hallways of then Grace Hospital. Well, they took over the hospital because of the moral cowardice of the Salvation Army. The “new improved” institution is called the “British Columbia Children’s and Women’s Health Centre”. The “abortion agenda,” as Penny Ballem described it, includes the advancement of their eugenic ideals throughout the province. Included in their plans was our fair city, and our once-committed-to-healing Kelowna General Hospital now eagerly terminates pregnancies in much the same manner as Tim Horton’s serves coffee. I sit mulling this over on the fourth floor of this wonderful institution. Just one floor above me is the abortion chamber, where lives are routinely lost on the whims of technicians who calls themselves doctors. It hits me, during this holy season, that Herod really does get his way once in a while. I’m mindful that our abortion mill opened extra this season to deal with the “unwanted children,” hunted down and destroyed just as an old king once did, many, many years ago. The mixture of my emotions is complete. I sit next to one of the abortion survivors, a child that the eugenicists couldn’t wait to dispose of, but who has survived these 15 years. What plans the Lord of the universe must have for her? What dreams she will see come true? What lives will she continue to touch with her love, her contagious joy and appetite for life? It grieves me deeply, as I stay with her during the long hours of the night, knowing that so many children didn’t get the chance of life, that their life was deemed not worth living, like some Nazi decree of old. I thought of the people I saw return from the fifth floor, their stoic faces trying to mask the discomfort of their involvement in things unmentionable. I think of the apparent discomfort of those involved in the setting up and planning of our abortion chamber. A wonderful way to spend a million dollars when other desperate health concerns go unheeded. Such is life in an abortion hospital. And then I kissed my daughter, as she slept soundly. She survives to fight another day. Yes, indeed, Herod missed this one. The names of those involved in Kelowna’s abortion chamber will be lost to history. Their only reward will involve similar recognition that King Herod will receive on that great and terrible day when we all stand before the Judge of the universe. Their war on the children will not be forgotten. For now we have our Natalie. I am careful not to gloat, because I know the seriousness in which the spirit of Herod takes its job. But the insanity – knowing that this hospital does so much for children who are “wanted,” and has no time, patience or care for those deemed “unworthy.” The war on the unborn continues. And I thank God for this precious gift to us, the one that got away – our daughter.