The recent published report of a working party of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) calls for:


– full and free access to all methods of fertility regulation, including abortion and sterilization for all, irrespective of age or marital status, as a “human right”;


– the right of children to contraception and abortion from the age of 10 upwards without reference to their parents;


– action in violation of the law by family planning associations and other organizations as “part of the process of stimulating change”;


– the use of the United Nations convention on Women as a means of coercing signatory governments to implement the above policies.


Regarding action in violation of the law, the report states:

“Family Planning Associations and other non-governmental organizations should not use the absence of law or the existence of an unfavourable law as an excuse for inaction; action outside the law, and even in violation of it, is part of the process of stimulating change.”


It would appear that Henry Morgentaler and his associates have taken this particular message to heart.


The report entitled “The Human Right to Family Planning” calls for “wide availability and accessibility of all safe and effective fertility regulation methods”. This includes sterilization and abortion.  The report insists that “if abortion is denied by national law or by the absence of adequate service, IPPF may have to accept a flexible approach while frankly acknowledging that this is a violation of the right of access to a method of fertility regulation”.


Although the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada insists that it does not promote abortion as a method of birth control, obviously the same cannot be said of its parent organization, IPPF.  It is doubtful that the many well-meaning and dedicated Planned Parenthood volunteers throughout Canada are aware of the policies and intentions of this government funded international organization.  The Canadian government, through CIDA, gave $5.295 million to IPPF in 1983-84.


Reprinted from Action Life News November, 1984.

Sue Hierlihy is the editor of Action Life News.