The following list of names appeared as an advertisement under the title “Pride Day Greetings” in Toronto’s homosexual newspaper X-rated (June 1990). It includes the names of “your New Democratic Party representatives and the NDP Lesbian/Gay Caucus”, – “working,” it says, “at all levels of government for social justice and human rights.”

The New Democrats and our community: Sharing the struggle, sharing the pride:”

Audrey McLaughlin, Leader; Svend Robins, MP, Burnaby-Kingsway; Dan Heap, MP, Trinity-Spadina; Neil Young, MP, Beaches-Woodbine; Bob Rae, Leader, Ontario; Marion Bryden, MPP, Beaches-Woodbine; Ruth Grier, MPP, Etobicoke-Lakeshore; Richard Johnston, MPP, Scarborough West; Ed Phillip, MPP, Etobiocke-Rexdale; David Reville, MPP, Riverdale.

Then the following Metro (Toronto) Councillors:

Marion Augimeri, North York-Black Creek; Richard Gilbert, Davenport; Roger Hollander, Don River; Dale Martin, Downtown; Howard Moscoe, North York Spadina; Joe Pantalone, Trinity; and City Councillors: Liz Amer, Ward 5; Marilyn Churley, Ward 8; Barbara Hall, Ward 7; Jack Layton, Ward 6; Rob Maxwell, Ward 11; Martin Silva, Ward 4; and Public School Trustees: Sandra Bussin, East Toronto; Olivia Chow, Downtown; John Doherty, Davenport; Joan Doiron, Downtown; Tam Goossen, Ward 8; Rosario Marchese, Ward 4; Pam McConnell, Ward 7; Susan Ruskin, Ward 8; Tony Silipo, Davenport; Beare Weatherup, Ward 3.

In addition to supporting the homosexual “lifestyle” NDPers like Layton and Hollander participate in attacks on pro-life as on several occasions during Operation rescues at Morgentaler’s when Jack Layton egged on the police to arrest those blocking the doors of the abortion mill.