The results of the elections are in and Ontario voters have made it overwhelmingly clear that they want the NDP out.  After the dust had cleared from the April 1 provincial by-elections, Liberal lawyer Tim Murphy was the winner in the downtown Toronto riding of St. George-St. David and Conservative Dave Johnson easily took the Toronto-area riding of Don Mills.

The Family coalition Party fielded candidates in both ridings.  Louis DiRocco garnered 2% of the St. George-St. David vote while Denise Mountenay came in at 2.1% in Don Mills.

Though these results were somewhat disappointing, the FCP did not swell on the negative.  Once again, the party secured its position as Ontario’s fourth largest.  One party spokesman pointed out that, though 2% of the vote does not seem substantial, it does loom larger in light of the fact that in both ridings they only trailed the NDP by 6%.

DiRocco also mentioned that both he and Mountenay were able to deliver their pamphlets to a majority of the households in their ridings.  DiRocco alone claims th have hit 20,000 homes.  “This gets the word out that there is an alternative to the three major parties.  It also gives us a presence in a large downtown riding.”

Both FCP candidates appeared at key all-candidates meetings with diRocco showing particular grit in voicing his pro-family policies to a hostile homosexual audience.

The FCP has made a commitment to run candidates in as many ridings as possible in order to foster a greater presence in Ontario.