J. Edgar Newall, formerly from Little River, Yarmouth County, was elected president of the national Alliance For Life, co-coordinating body for the 255 educational pro-life groups across Canada, at the 13th annual general meeting and conference held in Sydney on June 27-29.

Speaking at the conference, Newell stated that, “During the past 16 years since the change in the federal law regarding abortion, the need for public promotion of respect for human life from conception to natural death has become more necessary in view of the many anti-life attitudes evident in modern society.  The acceptance of the humanness of the pre-born child is the objective of the educational efforts of the right-to-life movement.

Since his initial involvement in the movement ten years ago, Newell has served as chairman of the Colchester Right-To-Life Association.  Provincial State Pro-Life chairman for the Knights of Columbus, board member of Council-For-Life.  He has served as well on committees dealing with the political aspects of the movement.

A graduate of Yarmouth Memorial High School, Class of 1958, Newell now makes his home in Truro.  He is married and three children.

(from the Vanguard, Yarmouth, N.S., July 9, 1985).