Campaign Life Coalition has just released a video, “It Takes a Little Spirit: A Contemporary Look at Abortion in Canada.” Produced at the request of the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic school board to provide a tool to educate young people regarding abortion and prepare them to attend the annual March for Life in Ottawa each May, the video is aimed at high school students and challenges viewers to consider the legal history which precipitated the loss of protection for the child in the womb in Canadian society. It motivates pro-life supporters of all ages to transcend social awareness and move toward social action on this fundamental issue.

Hosted by Tanya Granic, national director of Campaign Life Coalition Youth, the film features a round table discussion by five young Christians “who intelligently work through the inconsistencies of the legal and political dimensions of the abortion situation across the nation”, according to a review by Rev. Frank Braun, director of human resource development with Southwestern Ontario Youth for Christ. Braun goes on to state that “It Takes a Little Spirit” will be a regular teaching tool in my youth ministry arsenal and I would highly recommend it to all other teachers, parents, youth ministers and young people themselves.”

While the musical component is a direct appeal to the young and young at heart with the generous offerings of Christian Punk Band MxPx, Tomorrow is Another Day, and selections by solo artist Phil Main, it captures a much broader audience. Michael Coren, author and columnist, host of Michael Coren Live, writes, “It’s interesting that while we are constantly told that young people need to be informed about the major issues today, when it comes to abortion they invariably hear only one point of view. What this video does is provide balance, expand the argument and give a perspective that is all too frequently ignored. As such, not only pro-lifers but all people concerned with truth and justice should welcome it.”

With time and money in short supply, this venture would not have been possible without the full cooperation of all the parties involved. Matt Snow and Paul Clugston, first year students at Wilfred Laurier University, Ashley Heffer and Shawn Deyell from F. E. Madill Secondary School Wingham, and Bethany Burns from St. Anne’s Catholic Secondary School in Clinton, make up the round table discussion. Compensated with a generous donation of Skittles, Pop Tarts and Pizza, they venture unscripted into issues that are on their hearts and minds. The editor, Bill Faulkingham, of Vista Productions, himself a retired ultra sound technician, brought a unique sensitivity to the project based on his own experience of many years photographing the child in the womb. Director Linda Burns, a board member of Business for Life, Ontario, was responsible for bringing together the various components into a cohesive factual presentation and also provided the narration.

While secular society has the luxury of regarding social justice issues from a pragmatic and fiscal perspective, we as Christians are obliged to view all social issues through the eyes of our faith and the teachings of scripture. It is this faith-based view that gives us hope. Rev. Braun points out that “If our young people can spiritually discern the reality of the situation so clearly, most certainly there is hope for change in the present legal and political thinking and ultimately hope for a return to a Christian Philosophy that would again see our society respect all human life the way that it was intended to be respected.”

To order a copy of It Takes a Little Spirit for your school, youth group, church or local pro-life organization, please contact Alex Vernon c/o Campaign Life Coalition, 104 Bond St., Toronto, Ont. M5B 1X9 (416-204-9749) or visit Video time is 15 minutes; the cost is $12 each.