A Planned Parenthood (PP) Ontario policy position paper, mailed in October 1991 to all school board chairpersons in the province, recommends mandatory attendance for sex ed programmes.

These “should start in kindergarten and continue to grade 12,” the paper urges.

But PP Ontario alleges the following problems with provincial sex ed programs.
•    “A lack of standardized content because the Ministry of Education only sets guidelines;
•    “The Ministry [of Education] guidelines… neglect the concept of family planning, contraceptive methods and information on local community resources to facilitate self-referral as needed;
•    “A need for annual reinforcement of basic sexual health issues throughout the student’s primary and secondary education;
•    “No requirement for mandatory attendance;
•    “[Inadequate] link between individual school learning systems and…the Public Health Units, the Children’s Aid Society, the Rape Crisis Centre, Planned Parenthood.”

It is when PP presents its recommendations, however, that the appalling nature of the organization’s sex ed plans for Ontario’s children becomes plain.

If PP has its way, Ontario students will be forced to attend sex ed classes from the time they walk into kindergarten until the day they graduate; and parents will have nothing to say about it.

Children will open packages of condoms and be allowed to practice on a model of an erect penis.

Employees of abortion ‘clinics’, contraceptive centres, and homosexual ‘rights’ groups will have free access to the schools “in order to maximize the educational benefits to…students.”

Professional ‘sex-perts’ who are “supportive, nurturing and empathetic” will be the “primary educators in this area,” PP Ontario proposes.  Students will hear their sex lessons in pornographic language.

Religious, cultural, racial and ethnic traditions of modesty and decency will be ignored, because, the authors of the paper state, “It is imperative that all students receive basic sex education.”