Bob, take my advice (I know you never have) and give those American mobsters who want to run ‘Bob Rae’s Windsor Casino’ the boot.  We’ll all be better off for it.  I don’t like the suggested name for the casino anymore than you do but then again it may be the only monument that you’ll have.

I just finished reading Double Cross, a book about murdered mobster Sam “Mooney” Giancana, written by his brother Chuck Giancana and Chuck’s son.  The authors name killers, thugs, thieves and high-level rollers but only many years after “Mooney” and many of his mobster cronies have been murdered, disappeared or “retired.”

The authors claim “Mooney” is connected to the murders of President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Marilyn Munroe, Bugsy Seigel and a small phone book of other names.

Gambling casinos were just another profitable caper to Mooney, along with his profitable connections to the CIA, illicit drugs and booze, illegal slot machines, stolen cigarettes, extortion, police and political bribery, baseball, football, boxing, horses, intimidations, bombings, murder – you name it – to fatten Mooney’s three million dollar weekly income.  I wish you’d read this book, Bob, and think of what’s going to happen to the city of Windsor.

Bob, you’re talking about bringing Harrah’s from Atlantic City or some other gambling operation such as Trump, TropWorld, Showboat or Bally’s to Windsor, a border city in western Ontario that’s looking a little financially parched right now.  It won’t do the city much good – but the mob will do just fine.  These Casino groups would not be putting up a $300,000 bid fee if they didn’t think that it would be raining money for them.  Bob, have you never heard of skimming?  That’s when the mob takes their cut before your government gets out of bed in the morning.

Mr. Premier, do you know what you are doing?  Alert International Inc., a money-laundering database publisher, reported how much difficulty the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was having enforcing laws about the reporting of cash transactions on more than $10,000.  Just 11,829 times when the ten Atlantic City casinos forgot to file their cash reporting forms!  Do you know what the fine is on each count levied by the IRS?  $25,000.  If you’re good at math that comes to almost $269 million!  And do you know what the IRS collected?  A measly $2.48 million.  That shows mob muscle.

And Harrah’s, who are believed to have the inside track for the Windsor casino are even appealing their 47 violations that took place from 1987 to 1992 against a lousy $730,000 penalty!  TropWorld another bidder, had 92 violations during this period but at least they paid their $414,000 penalty.

Modern-day Las Vegas – the gambling mecca of America – was even founded by the mob-member Bugsy Seigel!  Bugsy took the mob for a bundle and in the end he got blown away by his mobster friends.  Nice company.

It is the fantastic piles of ready cash to be skimmed from the operations that attract the mob.  Why, Bob, are you getting Ontario into this mob-run industry that will help make the undertakers rich?

This book purports to say that the mob has many politicians up to the president of the United States – in its pocket.  The mob – not the corporations – is the most generous benefactor for political campaigns.  Mob support is all cash and there is no paper trail.  Politicians get elected because of mob “generosity” and it’s unwise to say “No” when they call in their marker.  When the politicians want more votes on election night in Chicago and Texas the mob tells the boys to keep counting until they get it right.

Sure Bob, a casino will generate some money – but at what cost?  The mob will make a lot more (tax-free) – dollars than you’d ever imagine on drugs, prostitution, extortion, game-fixing, etc. all the while ruining the moral fabric of the city of Windsor.

Give it up, Bob.  Stop rolling the dice with the future of Ontario.  We’ve already suffered enough from your gambling addiction.