The Badgley Committee on Sexual Offences Against Children and Youth made several recommendations for changes in the law to protect children from the effects of pornography. There recommendations cover the two main areas in which children are exploited by such material.

Firstly, there is the direct sexual abuse of children who are used in the production of child pornography. Secondly, there is the harm done to children when access to pornography, both child and adult pornography, is not restricted.

Recommendation 49 calls for amending the Criminal Code to provide that makers and users of child pornography be “ liable to imprisonment for ten years.” More exactly, the makers are specified in four groups; those who get a child [ore use a child] to act as content for the pornography, those who produce and those who manufacture or distribute pornography, and those who market and sell pornography. Agencies that are involved by these provisions, such as the Post Office, Customs, broadcasters, etc, are to take note of Criminal Code amendments, amend their own mandates, if necessary, to bring them into line with the Criminal code, and to co-operate fully in investigations.

Recommendation 50 tackles sloppy or random record-keeping by the authorities. Central records are to be kept of all Customs seizures, the easier and quicker to identify habitual smugglers and traffickers in child pornography.

Recommendation 51 encourages the agencies and departments of the government concerned to seek out actively the makers, purveyors and users of child pornography inside our country and those involved in exporting and importing it. The same agencies are also to “ announce publicly” their intentions to arrest and to prosecute, to let it be known that they are “actively seeking the co-operation of foreign enforcement agencies to obtain information concerning the producers and distributors of child pornography.”

Recommendation 52 asks that the Criminal Code be amended to prohibit “young persons under 16” from owning, using, buying, or selling “visual pornographic materials.” Nor shall anyone display or advertise such materials to those under 16.