HINA SCHOLAR John Aird worked with others in his field to distinguish between the versions of the one-child policy produced for Western consumption (and often decked out in ‘freedom of choice’ phrasing), and instructions to Communist Party cadres who actually implement the policy.

They’re eye-opening:
•    “Those who insist on having a second or excessive birth must be treated according to the prescribed policies.  If they are Party members or cadres, it is proposed that they be given Party or administrative discipline;
•    “Birth control should be enforced…measures to reward good and punish evil should be implemented;
•    “All newly married couples who are expecting must show their planned birth certificates.  Those who are unable to produce a permit will have to undergo birth control measures (i.e. abortions);
•    “Illegal relationships (i.e. early marriages) which should be dissolved must be dissolved…those who are pregnant out of wedlock and have not reached the legal marriage age must undergo remedial operations (i.e. abortions);
•    “If an unauthorized baby is the second, third or subsequent child in a family and sterilization has snot been accepted, the family will be denied permission to build a dwelling, their water and electricity will be cut off…grain coupons will not be issued…drivers’ licences and private business licences will be revoked.”