The Royal Bank of Canada has issued a mortgage loan in excess of $200,000 to abortionist Robert Scott, who recently opened his own illegal abortuary.

Officials at the Royal Bank’s Toronto office were reluctant to give any details on the matter, saying that the bank’s dealings with individual customers are confidential.

However, one official did say that, according to the bank’s lending policy, it could not issue a loan to a business that is “clearly illegal.”

“We do not knowingly lend money for illegal services,” said Mr. Tedman, the bank’s public relations officer.  “If it’s something open to question…your chances are fifty-fifty or worse.”

According to Mr. Tedman, individual bank managers may also be reluctant to deal with a business that is not “in reasonably good taste,” for fear of “possible complaints.”

Why then did the Royal Bank issue a loan to finance abortionist Scott’s illegal operation?  According to another bank official, abortion “clinics” are not considered by the bank as being “clearly illegal.”

“The issue is still under debate,” said David Moorecroft.  “There is no clear-cut consensus” on the issue of abortion “clinics,” he said.

While he would not reveal the grounds on which the individual claim in question was made, he did say that the individual bank manager “has a responsibility to make a business decision.”  “He has to know, can he (Scott) pay his bill,” said Mr. Moorecroft.

The Inspector General of Banks could not be reached on the matter.  Officials from his office, who were also reluctant to comment, said that he was out of town.

In the meantime, the Royal Bank is holding true to its position that the “Scott Clinic” is not clearly illegal.  It does so despite the fact that such “clinics” are clearly operating outside the law.  Section 251 of the Criminal Code is very clear indeed.