A Canadian chapter of the U.S.-based Rutherford Institute has opened in British Columbia.

Members of the international organization say they’re dedicated to fighting for traditional values in the courts.

One of the first issues to be tackled, according to B.C. founder Charles Lugosi, is a recent Calgary Art Exhibit that went unchallenged by civil authorities.  “There was a pornographic art display involving photographs of male members, about thirty or so,” explained Mr. Lugosi, “and underneath were captions like ‘God the Father’, ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘Jesus Christ’, St. Paul’, and so on.  This kind of thing is covered by the criminal code and yet there was no criminal action by the Alberta Attorney-General.  We’re concerned about that.”

Other issues the institute will fight for are freedom of worship in public schools, protection for religious organizations from government intrusion, defence of parental rights, and the safeguarding of all human life.